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During my 40 years in education, first as a fifth grade teacher and then as an elementary principal, I played to a pretty much captive audience.  At the start of an all-school assembly, all I had to say was, “Good morning, Friends” and I would be greeted with a rousing, “Good morning, Mr. Rampolla.”


Now in “education retirement” since 2016, I’ve learned that, as an actor, it takes much more than a friendly greeting to garner a positive response. That was my motivation to hone my acting skills through a variety of classes and teachers.  Having down time during the pandemic also gave me the opportunity to strengthen my self-tape abilities.


I’ve had the good fortune to appear in several independent films playing a priest, doctor, bereaved husband, detective and CEO.  My comedy work in New Media includes playing a grief therapist.  After being in the role of teacher for so many years, I’m truly enjoying the role of learner in the acting world.

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